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Kitchener, ON

This ended up being a six month endeavor for Brandon between when we first talked and when he was able to find the time for installation. He appreciated the fact that he had a father-in-law with more than 58 years of construction experience to act as an extra set of hands and brains. Installing HARDWOOD STAIRS is not brain surgery but having someone else to bounce ideas off of is always a benefit.

Hardwood Stairs, SSmith Washington DC

"We were finally able to get the stairs installed over the holidays. We have a few touch ups and trim to install, but the major effort is done.

I think they look awesome and these pictures don't do them justice.

The quality of the product you delivered was great.

I would recommend you to anyone looking for this type of thing.".... Brandon, Kitchener ON




I asked Brandon what suggestions he might have for other DIY'ers that wished to install their own custom hardwood stairs, and he offered the following ideas.

1. Have the right tools handy.

2. If re-using your spindles, number them on the top as you disassemble them, and tape over the numbers during finishing or you'll accidentally paint over your reference numbers

3. Install your steps on a clean surface or they won't stick

4. Have patience! This is not a job that can be rushed!


original steps before installing maple recover treads, Kitchener OntarioYou'll note that Brandon removed his original handrail and spindles, painted them and then re-installed them.

Many will suggest that this is not possible ....don't believe them.

I have many customers that we walk through the process of reusing their existing handrail. They fix it all up and then put it back in place after installing new recover steps, just like Brandon, from Kitchener has done here.

This is a picture of the original handrail before he painted and gave his entrance way a whole new look. He's done a great job.



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