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Lacasse Fine Wood Products Inc.

We custom manufacturer wood mouldings for your home renovations)


As a small company we can offer you service that the big boys won't ...

  • fast turn around.
  • small runs of specialty mouldings
  • made from a large collection of commercially available woods, both domestic & exotic
  • in house, custom profile knife grinding if the moulding you need is not available off the shelf.

Wood Casing & Baseboards: Wood trim around your doors (casing) and around your floor (baseboard). We always carry a selection in oak, pine, maple and some hard to find wood species, like cherry, ash and please ask. For those with allergy concerns, solid wood paint grade products are also available, typically mouldings made of aspen, poplar or basswood. This eliminates the off-gasing problems associated with MDF moldings.

Door Trim & Panel Mouldings : To complete the project you'll probably need jambs, (the door frame that supports your hinges) and the door stop and a number of other small specialty panel mouldings

Crown Moldings: If you're looking for a trim around the ceiling, around the top of your kitchen cabinets or to complete the top of a newly build wall unit check out our page of crown mouldings.

Chair Rail & Bar Rail : chair rail moldings are typically installed horizontally, part way up the wall, maybe dividing two shades of paint or wood paneling on the bottom and paint on top... not done as often today but we still do have a few mouldings around. You'll also see a drawing here of a bar rail for any cabinet makers in the audience.

Specialty Floor Moldings: We manufacturer a number of specialized mouldings and wood nosing for finishing off laminated and solid wood flooring... stair nosing, t- mouldings & reducers. Given that wood floors are now available in many exotic wood species, we even have a few pieces in woods like Jatoba and African & Santos Mahogany.

Custom Mouldings: You design the moulding pattern (or send along a sample) and we will make the necessary knife, let you pick a wood to match your renovation project and then make the molding according to your original design.

In addition to this we carry over 30 different species of wood, both domestic and exotic, in planks from 1x2 up to 1x12 for the woodworker or crafter.

..... visit our sister site: for an extensive list of craft wood supplies, exotic woods and lots of woodworking How-To information


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