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We used UPS door delivery to ship to V.Mendes these red oak hardwood steps. Toronto, (Ontario) addresses are relatively easy to handle and can typically be delivered within 1 week.

They were ecstatic. This was their first attempt at installing hardwood treads, ...and this was on a set of wood spiral stairs. How's that for feeling brave and starting at the top of the technical challenge. They've done a really amazing job and we're proud to show off their workmanship.


"The stairs look amazing, we were raving about how the overhang on the steps really make it look professional. Much appreciate all your professional service " ... Valerie


Half Round Starter Step-Toronto

Red Oak Half-Round Starter Step (right hand)
Railing has been installed with a "volute" - the snail shaped end on the handrail that matches the half round shape of the oak starter step.


oak wood spiral stairs - Toronto

As you can see by the picture this was a set of wood spiral stairs. Each oak step was custom made to fit the triangular shape of these curved steps.

returned Oak curved steps Toronto

These curved steps were finished on the right end with a "returned" finished end that allows the stair tread to wrap around the stringer. This simplifies the finishing of this edge.

Congratulation to this young couple that took on this challenging home renovation project... they've done an amazing job!

"Here are some pics of the stairs. They look even better in person. Thanks again...." .... V.Mendes

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