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In this section of our website, our hope is to show off all the talent of our customers, and share some of their installation ideas and techniques.

If you would like to be included and show the rest of the world what you have done with wood from Lacasse Fine Wood Products, e-mail us with details and photos. We'd love to hear from you and include your wood passions.

Home Renovation Projects: Stairs and Railings

S. Cook: Birch Stair Treads, Alberta

Qing: Brazilian Cherry Stair Tread, Oak Colonial Railing, Ottawa ON

Gorter: Maple Treads, Painted Railings, Toronto, ON

Maple Treads Double-Stained to Mirage Sweet Memories "Toffee" , Black Spindles

Vinogradov: Maple Treads, Starter Tread, Wood Spindles, Toronto, ON


S. Smith: Custom Triangular Oak Hardwood Stairs , Virginia, US

V. Mendes: Curved Red Oak Treads, Toronto, ON

J.Schweitzer: Round Custom Oak Stair Treads, Toronto, ON

Heyden: Triangular Oak Treads, Black Metal Spindles Brampton, ON

Strauss: Standard Oak Treads, Mississauga, Ontario

Ladouceur: Oak Treads, Fluted Box Newel Posts, Black Spoon Spindles, Ottawa

Stephen: Oak Treads, Black Iron Spindles, Brampton

Aspin: Oak Treads with Cherry Stain, Painted Stringers, Port Perry Ontario

Trefanenko: Santos Mahogany Stair Treads, Calgary Alberta

M.Webb: Tigerwood Hardwood Stairs & Railings, Toronto, ON

Curved Maple Railings & Black Iron Spindles, Tigerwood Flooring


Walnut Treads, Railings & Flooring, Wrought Iron Spindles


Misc: Hardwood Stair Treads

Misc: Metal Railings, Iron Spindles

Woodcrafter Customers

D. Solomon: A passionate box maker

R. Quesnel: Wooden Toy designes for the patient woodworker

B. O'Farrell: Custom Fishing Rods and Reel Seats

Vidmantas: Research turning Tone Arms for Turntables, Lithuania

D. Mick: Wood Carver, Sudbury ON

A. Celestini: Mother of Pearl Inlay on Guitar Necks

B.Kirkness: Custom Made Knives, Alberta

For More Information...

Hardwood Steps: Master index to all the things you can learn on this website about recovering your old steps with hardwood.

Craftwood: both rough wood and small craft boards in 20+ different types of wood

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"Well Karen,

I completed the job over the weekend.

First, I would like to thank you for encouraging me to give this project a try. 

I should tell you that I have never constructed anything out of wood since my last tree fort as a child growing-up in Deep River.

Thank you for the high quality oak, carefully packaged.

My wife entertained her colleagues from the Ottawa General Hospital on Monday and several guests asked for your coordinates - that we provided happily."

... T Shanks

oak recover stair threads