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Ottawa, ON

Qing has done a pretty amazing job with this complex set of stairs. He chose to go with Brazilian Cherry treads and risers to match his flooring and then stained his oak handrail and spindles a dark cherry stain to blend in.

He didn't exactly pick the easiest wood to start with so that makes it doubly impressive. Brazilian cherry has a lot of silica in the wood that makes cutting the treads hard on the saw blades and harder on the installer to get a square cut. Its beautiful and dramatic colour makes up for the extra effort.

He was so successful that 5 of his neighbours have asked if he could recover their stairs and has now created a side line business for himself and his buddy.

So if you live in the Ottawa area and are interested in getting someone to install your steps let me know and i'll put you in touch.


It's done, I have installed jatoba stair trends. As shown on the pictures attached, it looks nice. Thank you for your helps and excellent quality of woods.

Definitly I will recommend my friends to use products from your company if they want to do same job.

... Qing, Ottawa Ontario


brazilian cherry stair treads, ottawa  brazilian cherry steps, Ottawa

brazilian cherry stari threads, ottawa brazilian cherry recover steps, ottawa


These last two pictures are a set of maple hardwood stair treads that these two gentleman finished installing just before Christmas for one of their neighbours.

maple stair treads ottawa maple recover steps Ottawa

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