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Sudbury, ON


Here's another fun job if only because American Black Walnut is such a beautiful wood to work with. We made the stair treads, newel posts, handrail and all the bits and pieces of trim that they needed to finish off the job.

The challenge with making treads out of black walnut is finding good wood. Much of the lumber on the market these days has significant "sap" wood.. you know the part of the wood that is significantly lighter than the rest... so you end up with a fair amount of waste, making walnut treads somewhat expensive.. but beautiful and if you are a lover of fine woods than certainly a somewhat exotic wood to consider.

You require three black iron spindles per step in order to meet current building requirements so this client chose to alternate two plain round spindles with one patterned wrought iron baluster. They repeated this pattern on the upper landing as well, with two plain spindles and then one patterned one, then two more plain iron spindles.

The burnt penny colour on the spindles complimented the burnt umber shades common in the American Black Walnut flooring and hardwood stair treads.

walnut hardwood stair treads and railings, sudbury ontario


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