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Ottawa, Ontario

Here's an amazing set of ash stair treads. Ash can be quite variable in colour with wood cut from the inside of the tree being quite a medium shade of brown. Wood from the outside of the tree is more straw coloured.

So when we create ash stair treads we try and match the variation in colour of the wood we use, to what exists in the client hardwood flooring.

In this case Michael had a really light floor in mostly sapwood, so we made the steps out of mostly sapwood to match. You can see that the grain of the ash steps is almost exactly the same as the grain of oak. Only the overall colour is slightly different, where the ash is more yellow and the oak is more pink.


"Karen, had a chance to unpack the pallet and formulate my strategy for installation.

The wood is gorgeous, I can think of no other superlative to describe my pleasure in receiving such great quality. I doubt the most stringent grader could have selected any better.

The rest is now up to me to do justice to the quality and ensure an installation fitting such nice wood. I'm glad you are not my taskmistress, as you set a rigorous time frame. As a man of leisure (retired) I can approach my duties with a lesser sense of urgency, and I am setting a more relaxed completion date - say 4-5 weeks with some allowance for the expected dalliances from time to time.

I'm looking forward to the project and you may be sure I'll toot my horn when its completed.

Thanks for making this such a smooth and trouble free transaction.
... Michael, Ottawa


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