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Shipping Mirage Hardwood Flooring outside the area?

No, we are not able to ship Mirage wood floors outside the district. We only have distribution rights that allow us to sell this product into the Sudbury, Manitoulin Districts and surrounding townships.

BUT we DO ship all of the other products listed on this site, wood steps and railings. We make these products locally so be do sell and shipped to most address in N.America if it can be packaged adequately and at a reasonable cost.

Shipping Long Bundles of Trim:

Give us an idea on what you are interested in and we'll get back to you with our thoughts on the feasibilty of shipping, but as a general rule, nothing over 8' can be shipped longer distances, and even then it is not possible or feasible to send along single pieces with thin fragile edges. If you are able to cut it down into say 3 or 4' lengths then we may be able to accomodate you.

If you live in Northern Ontario and are interested in a complete bundle of mouldings then we CAN ship that via local transport companies.

Treads are usually very easy to wrap and protect nicely so hardwood steps we have shipped from California to both the east and west coasts.

Sales Taxes:

Only Ontario clients pay the PST, all other provinces pay either the GST only or the HST (according to your local provincial agreement with the federal government)



Canadian Currency:

All quotations and invoices are in Canadian Dollars and your credit card company will do the translation into your local currency. We have no control on this exchange rate, and can only give you an estimate at the time of order.

Why do you require Social Security #'s for US clients?

US customs requires this number to process the duty and customs paper shuffle. It is not used internally for any other purpose than cross border shipping!

What other costs exist?

All shipments under $200US incurr no US customs or duty and rarely a processing fee. Shipments over this $200 can be charged a paper shuffle fee by UPS ($25-$40 approx) as well as a customs/duty charge applied by the US government. Customs and Duty charges can be eliminated by a NAFTA certificate in most cases.. see below

Nafta Certificate?

North America Free Trade Certificate.... we will complete this form for all applicable shipments to eliminate all customs and duty charges where possible. We will advise you ahead of time if this can not be processed.

What sales taxes must be paid?

Clients from the United States and other places around the world, do not pay Canadian taxes. They only apply for shipments going to addresses in Canada.

Who pays the shipping?

We typically prepay the shipping and then add it to your invoice, unless you have an account with a specific carrier that you would like us to use. We will identify all shipping costs at time of order!



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