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This fund raising project was taken on to support my childhood church in Toronto to raise $20,000 to buy my brother's school a new bus in Northern India. We decided to make cutting boards and sell them to our local clients with ALL the proceeds donated to the project. All lumber was very generously donated by our lumber supplier.

school bus project

Ken, my older brother, left home to see the world, and in l973 found himself working in an orphanage in northern India.  A few years later in possession of thirty acres of dry riverbed, he and his wife were preparing to start a community of small "homes" to house boys ... orphans, children of parents suffering from leprosy and later AIDS, and boys infected with these diseases themselves.

The project grew to include five houses with house parents and six to eight boys each, with the kids attending a local school and also learning to work on the farm growing crops for their use and caring for a couple of cows.  As the boys grew older, they recognized the need for separate accommodation for them where they  could learn life skills before leaving.  A clinic was also built which served the community as well and provided teaching facillities where the women could learn health care for their families.

It then became obvious that a school on the property was both necessary and financially viable, first for their own boys and then open to others on a paying basis which would help fund the costs involved.  Today the school functions from preschool to Grade 8 and a bus is in service to bring in students from the outlying rural area.  The roads have taken a toll on the bus which has been in use for several years and is now beyond repair.  They are now in desperate need of a new bus.

Thus, in an effort to help him, we have decided to make small cutting boards out of our scrap and wood donated by one of our suppliers. ALL the dollars resulting from the sale of thses cutting boards will go directly to the bus fund... NO administrative costs!

If you would like to buy a cutting board ( $30.00 ) to support this effort, or just make a direct donation to this effort to support ONE energetic Canadian trying to make a difference overseas then please give me a call ( 522-5728 ) or come and visit at our location on highway 69south... thanks for your consideration.. Karen

School Website: Shishya Society

My sister-in-laws christrian music webiste:



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