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Shipping Mirage Hardwood Flooring outside the area?

No, we are not able to ship Mirage wood floors outside our Northern Ontario district. We only have distribution rights that allow us to sell this product into the Sudbury, Manitoulin Districts, Espanola, Sturgeon Falls and surrounding townships.

What can you ship?

We DO ship any of the other products listed on this site (steps, mouldings, railings) that are manufactured on-site and thus can be sold and shipped to any address in N. America if it can be packaged adequately and at a reasonable cost.

Long skinny packages cannot be handled by traditional carriers like UPS without damage, so we don't even try.

Shipping into Canada?

We typically use courier or Canada Post for small packages and common carrier for heavier shipments. We have priced out bus service and this is rarely a cheaper alternative. Common carriers often charge a $50 premium for residential delivery so if you have a business address for delivery, or can pick up at a truck depot, it can save you money.

Shipping into the United States?

Yes, we have shipped many orders into the US, but it is always a question of feasibility. Courier companies such as UPS can only handle maximum 8' long bundles. Thus an 8' bundle with multiple pieces of wood is do-able, but not a single stick of wood as it is too easily broken in transit. Email a request and we'll get back to you with what we are able to do

see more information on shipping into the US.

Who pays the shipping?

We typically prepay the shipping and then add it to your invoice, unless you have an account with a specific carrier that you would like us to use. We will identify all shipping costs at time of order!

What taxes must be paid?

All Ontario resident must pay PST & GST. Atlantic Provinces pay HST and all other Canadians pay GST. Clients from the United States and other places around the world, do not pay Canadian sales taxes.

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