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round metal spindles with square decorations
Wrought Iron Balusters- 9/16 " Round with Spoon Decoration, Textured Black

wrought iron spindles, round with round decoration

These metal balusters are a hollow tube 9/16 " round x 43" long . They are pretty easy to cut to length with hollow tube construction but yet designed to pass all the strength tests necessary for the Ontario Building Code

We do have the engineered report for all clients that require this to obtain an occupancy permit with new home construction.

NOTE that these are NOT 1/2" in diameter like the standard round spindles so the "plain" spindles need to be special-ordered to match the 9/16" diameter of the spoon spindles.

metal spindle "shoe"Round shoes are available for the foot of every spindle.

Remeber that you are drilling a "round" hole and inserting a "round" spinde so the shoes are entirely optional ... you would only NEED them if you liked the overall appearance.

This metal baluster is available with one or two decorations per spindle with the spacing as shown in the drawing to the left. It is most often combined with the plain round 9/16 " spindles in some alternating pattern, most often with two plain rounds and one spoon-spindle per step as you see in the picture above.

This works particularly well given that in most situations when you use metal spindles you must install 3 spindles per step in order to meet the requirements of no space between spindles that is bigger than 4".

My understanding is that this regulation is pretty consistent across all of North American.

Send us an email with your requirements for these metal balusters and we'll get right back to you with pricing. Let us know if you also require wood newel posts or hardwood stairs to finish off your renovation project.


Metal Spindle Colours Available:

bronze Spindles  stainless grey metal spindles  black metal spindles railings



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