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square metal balusters
Wrought Iron Spindles- 1/2" Plain Square, Textured Black


These bars are a 1/2" square x 42" long, hollow tube.

The industry has historically used solid bars NOT hollow tubes. But today with new technology to produce a hollow tube with the necessary strength for building controls regulations, the industry is slowly migrating in that direction and away from the solid, heavier metal spindles.

The hollow tube is much easier to cut to length, and with the lower weight can be shipped more economically helping to reduce costs.

tapered top of square metal spindlesWe do spend a little extra money and pay for these spindles to be produced with a tapered top. This makes installation significantly faster for the average home installer ... you drill a round hole in the underside of your handrail and insert the tapered round end into the hole. Then cut to length from the bottom where it is easier to use a foot to wrap the square end.

These are most often used in combination with a decorative metal spindle of one sort or another or alternated with a plain square WOOD spindle. In either case you need 3 spindles per step to comply with the Ontario Building Code.

With a square spindle, you need to oversize the installation holes to put a square peg in a round hole.. thus a "shoe" becomes necessary to cover the installation holes.

Thus they typically use a standard 1/2" metal shoe at the base of every spindle and sometimes on the top of every spindle if this is the look you are striving for.

metal shoe for 1/2" metal bars

For down hill installation we do carry an "angled" shoe. This can be used on the top of a stringer going down steps OR on the underside of the handrail in the same installation if for some reason you do not want to use the round tapered end.

angled metal shoe for 1/2" metal balusters

We typically carry the textured black colour in inventory and either of the other two colours are available in short order, rarely takes more than a week to get them in stock, and that gives us time then to make up your box newels and railings to match.

Send us an email with your requirements for these metal balusters and we'll get right back to you with some pricing. If you don't live in the Sudbury Ontario District, be sure to give us an address so that we can estimate the shipping costs as well.

Here's some more information if you also require colonial or box newel posts or hardwood stairs to complete your reno project.

Metal Spindle Colours Available:

bronze Spindles  stainless grey metal spindles  black metal spindles railings



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