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Natural Red Oak Stair Treads

Red oak stair treads are the most common, but we also manufacture a White Oak Stair Tread on request, a better match for imported Russian Flooring.

A natural oak stair tread, as with all of our exotic hardwood steps, is guaranteed to be sanded to a quality finish, bullnosed on the front edge, and the ends finished according to your needs for simple and easy installation. Our meticulous attention to fabricating treads to fit your layout makes installation of these natural oak stair treads, a simple walk in the park.

Red Oak Stair Treads are by far the most common species sold. This is what you find in the typical box store, obvious by its overall pinkish tinge, and of course reading the label red oak stair treads.

White Oak can look very similar in grain, but tends to have less of the typical pinky tinge common in natural red oak stair treads. The overall tint tends to lean more towards a gray, with white overtones if sap wood is present. Thus it is difficult to stain a red oak tread to match a stained white oak floor. White oak flooring is becoming more common today as we see large quantities being imported from the vast forests of Russia.

Thus know the type of oak you have and buy the right oak steps to match. Ask your flooring supplier, if you need help. Mirage only uses red oak for its line of flooring.

Red Oak Stair Treads: Select & Better Grade

red oak stair treads

Oak Steps, particularly the red oak stair treads, as suggested earlier, are our most common wood step- Oak, Select and Better Grade, made with premium red oak from Central North America, selected for colour, consistent with the typical Select & Better grade of North American hardwood flooring.. It can include both the linear and flame pattern grain.

Red Oak Stair Treads: Rustic Grade

rustic Oak FlooringWe do make discounted, oak stair treads that have much more color and natural character then our selected grade. As with Mirage flooring, this lower grade of oak steps rarely have knots, same excellent quality of finish, but lot of colour variation. A rustic red oak stair tread is designed to match the traditional grade of Mirage flooring as shown in the picture above.

Stair tread prices for the traditional grade is typically about 10% less expensive... quality is identical, but rustic appearance dictated by the variance in colour board to board.

White Oak Stair Treads: Exclusive Grade

white oak stair treadsWhite oak stair treads will be somewhat colour variable. Although colour shifts are not as drastic as the rustic grade, you will get a range of colour from the whiter tones of the sap wood to the darker gray tones of the heart stock.

Often includes fleck (cross section of cells) common in rift cut white oak.








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"You guys have by far the best price that I could find on oak treads compared to places here in Vancouver and seem to have the most detailed information on your website."

.. D.Chisholm,Vancouver BC


"Thanks soooo very much Karen. 

I will be sure to send you pictures of the finished product - Again, your assistance & such quick service is greatly appreciated!

... K. Regan, Hamilton ON